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Mali – The Child Friendly Village

This project will fund the building of 3 schools with adequate water and sanitation facilities, a solar powered maternity centre with medical provisions and an emergency vehicle for complicated births and lastly, interest free micro-finance loans for widows and older orphans to enable them to pull themselves out of poverty.

Syria – Idlib Emergency Response, Orphanages and Schools

This multifaceted project will refurbish 6 orphanages and fund the running costs of 20 others, construct a school and provide supplies for them and provide emergency aid to the crisis unfolding in Idlib.

India – Alternative Orphan Sponsorship

Over three years, this project aims to pull 300 orphans out of extreme poverty by placing them in school whilst their carers are given skills training and support on their rights and entitlements. These carers by the 3rd year of this project will be able to independently support the children due to their new jobs.

Afghanistan – Education in Emergency

This project aims to tackle the lack of education infrastructure and opportunity for 2000 primary school aged girls in Afghanistan by employing 40 female teachers and providing them with the relevant training and equipment to provide the girls with the right levels of education to prevent drop outs.

Pakistan – Protecting Children at Risk

This project will work to build the confidence and skills of over 200 street children in Rawalpindi with the aim of pulling them off the streets and providing them with health screening and education on how to look after their personal health and wellbeing.

Somalia – Child Protection and Skills Training

Over 5000 children will benefit from the building of 2 vocational training centres which will both be supplied with the relevant equipment and relevant teachers. Interest free micro-finance loans will be offered to older orphans to begin their own enterprises.

South Africa – Osizweni Community Centre Development

This project will provide the Osizweni centre with an childhood development centre that will cater to the needs of 120 toddlers and 100 students with tuition. This is alongside health screening for all children and a concentration of skills development for young girls and mothers.