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Gaza - Cancer Treatment and Care

This project will provide medicines and equipment in Gaza for children suffering from cancer (& some adults up to 10%). It will also develop a hospice-at-home service to keep terminally ill children out of discomfort and at home with their families during their last days. We will be working with existing cancer care services in Gaza to create a unified system to benefit all future cancer sufferers. The project will also educate clinicians, the general public and others about the importance of cancer and of life care.


Pakistan – Hepatitis Screening, Vaccinations and Training

This project will assess 6,500 vulnerable children for Hepatitis. It will provide treatment and care for those children found to be carrying or suffering from Hepatitis through local pop-up medical camps. Awareness campaigns will be delivered to specific at risk communities about Hepatitis and how to avoid its transmission. We will be working with community groups to come up with local solutions to preventing the further spread of Hepatitis.


Niger, Afghanistan & the Middle East – Schools construction, providing access to education and schooling kits

In Niger, we will build three schools (Tillaberry region) with classrooms, separate toilet facilities for boys and girls, school equipment and teacher training. Along with this, the mothers of the children will be trained on how to avoid malnutrition and given assistance to become self-sufficient.

In Afghanistan, we will fund female school teachers going to villages and rural areas to provide education to young girls. This will allow them to get a basic education in a safe environment and in a way that families will not have any objections.

In a variety of countries in the Middle East, we will be providing scholarships to children who cannot afford basic primary and higher school education so that they can escape the cycle of poverty for them and their families.

Syria, Sudan, Asia and Southern Africa – Emergency Aid

Providing emergency aid to Syrian refugees of Idlib and Northern Syria. This may take a variety of forms, but will be decided on what is needed most – food, winter clothing or medical care.

Providing emergency aid to the poor of Sudan who are struggling to cope during the current political turmoil. This may take a variety of forms depending on the greatest need.

*Please note that the nature of Emergency aid means it cannot always be guaranteed to children only (i.e. may benefit adults especially widows/ family members) although every attempt will be made to do so.